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Preckwinkle undermines Cook County’s Arab American community

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It's Halloween Season, Don't be "Tricked"!

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WATCH: A man of action for Cook County families: Sean Morrison

Sean Morrison led the fight to repeal the regressive soda tax… And Sean Morrison jumped in to help save four hundred jobs when a major manufacture threated to relocate. To further the fight against human trafficking, Sean Morrison even used his own money to create a non- profit that finds missing and exploited children. Acting on principal, fighting for families: Sean Morrison for Cook County Commissioner

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Morrison Calls for Investigation into JB Pritzker

Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison called on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx today to launch an investigation into JB Pritzker’s “scheme to defraud” Cook County on his property taxes.

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Are Your High Taxes Impacting Your Family?

Sean Morrison is fighting to reduce our property taxes, and making it harder for Cook County Politicians to increase taxes in the future.

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Commissioner Sean Morrison is a proven tax fighter who has stood up against the Chicago Political Machine

Morrison Stopped Preckwinkle’s Horrible Soda Tax, and cut $200 million from the 2018 Budget!

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